Few words about "KARATE"  (Most popular Martial Art in the World)

Karate literally means 'empty hand', originated in the island of Okinawa -Japan.
It is of no small interest that we find in Japanese history a tradition of fighting arts originally devised to inflict injury or death on the battle field, transformed into the way of Martial Arts, dedicated to perfecting the human self by integrating Body, Mind and Spirit. 

            On the physical level mastery of form or 'Kata' is the crux of training. A Kata consists of sequence of moves, blocks and strikes that simulates a fighting form. Hence Kata movements should be spontaneous, accurate and powerful. For this to happen students (karateka) should train for years so that it becomes natural to him. His metal/spiritual abilities too play a vital role in the performance of Kata. The teacher provides a model form and the student keenly observes and repeats it countless times until he has completely mastered the form.

            The tedious, repetitions and monotonous learning routines tests the students commitment and willpower, but it also reduces stubbornness and eliminates bad habits of body and mind. In the process his or her real strength, character and potential begin to emerge . The spiritual mastery is inseparable from the  psychological, but begins only after an intensive and lengthy period of training, as the body and mind takes time, effort and training to become one (or aligned..). 

             The heart of spiritual mastery is this, the ego self becoming the ego less self ultimately, physical, psychological and spiritual mastery are one and the same. The hard physical discipline however cannot be separated from mental development and real spiritual growth.

              Karate is considered to be the most refined martial art in the world that exists today. Karate is the most effective system, of self defense because it uses only empty hands. Just think your hands, legs and body working like a weapon that  can kill !. Karate is suitable for all kinds of people ie children, women, men and older people too. You can see some disabled people who perform incredible Karate feats and in the process also improve their quality of life. Over all Karate will boost your spiritual strengths and make you do things that you wouldn't otherwise dare to !.

Note By the Author/Site creator :

We should have the same respect for people of other martial arts as we have for our style.. They have their own ways and methods developed over years of hard fighting and training. If other styles borrow techniques from ours then we should be proud of it ! and NOT criticize it. Each martial art system has something to offer, it just depends on if it suits you. If it doesn't, it does not mean that it is no good.

If you don't believe in "Mas Oyama (Masutatsu Oyama) could kill Bull in one punch" then don't, BUT that doesn't mean that he or his art is no good. Infact he could teach you some good things that may improve your skills !! After all Mas Oyama was a great Karate-Ka, master and was a legend in Karate..
I remind you of the various scriptures that talk about many miracles/ legends - these are subject to individual belief and no-one should be criticised for what they believe. But I only belief what 'I' see.. and I don't criticize others for their beliefs. Masutatsu Oyama's feat was witnessed and is well documented. It is tue !. Infact I think he did it using a special skill, focusing and not just brute force.. 

All his great students agree that the breaking tricks and the bull fights were what Oyama himself called monkey business i.e. fakes made to attract crowds in the game. Both Kenji Kurosaki(cofounder of Japanese kickboxing) and Jon Bluming (founder of MMA style kyokushin-derived called kyokushin budokai) said that he tried to fight first an old meak ox with his horns heavily hammered, that explains the apparent ease with which he slashes the horns.
With the next and stronger bull he almost got killed (stabbed in the spleen and went to surgery), it is anyhow remarcable he had the guts to try !
He did a lot of harm to the kyokushin by arranging bouts in which Europeans faced tough Europeans and the Japanese only their own weak students to have foreigners reach slaughtered in the finals against his crew who was fresh ; even then, when a "gaijin" (foreigner) was winning he threatened the refs to change the decision. These are the minuses. Please click here to read more about Mas Oyama !

This is what I think/know about Mas Oyama's skill in killing a bull with one punch ! :  Oyama mentions he was thought the trick by someone else - not a martial artist at all. It all boiled down to not just hitting hard, but knowing exactly where to hit. It is not the power that kills but the target. Maybe a man can kill a bull with empty hands by applying subtle pressure to specific points. There is a skill to accomplish any task. 

I respect all styles and allow each to consider theirs "the best". Martial arts is all about respect. Martial Art specially as a mean of fighting or self-defense is so broad that no style can possibly cover everything. Don't limit yourself and think that a lifetime practicing Muay Thai (considered to be the deadliest art) can teach everything !..

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