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Thumb Nail Image Converter :
This will convert your images into thumbnail and also optimize,convert to 
other formats etc !
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Email Remover :
Email Remover lists all the messages and let's you choose
which ones to delete. After deletion, it can launch your
regular email program to download the remaining mails.
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Free Java Applets !
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Search the Web with Search Hound !
Search Hound!!

Your ultimate one stop search for everything.Simply enter your search and hit return.

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"T2mail" is a FREE web-based interactive Messaging System that allows the users to send , retrieve and access e-mail and voice messages via telephone
or the Internet. It has multi-language recognition and the ability to read
e-mail in their respective languages. Presently, T2mail is able to
recognise English and Chinese e-mail; in future, T2mail will be able to
recognise other languages such as Japanese, Korean, etc. 

Neither your computer nor additional software or hardware are needed to use
the T2mail service!
It organizes your e-mail and voice mail under a single account so that:

1. You are able to present this information in your name card, 
e.g. E-mail: ( or 888@538

2. Senders are able to send voice mails & e-mail through the Internet to
any designated e-mail address via telephone.

3. Recipients are able to retrieve and reply messages through WEB or
telephone (local call).

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