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My Cycling Expedition on Jan-04-2002

"Alternative Transportation"
Cycle is 'Green'
"Cycling for a Sustainable Future" 

Quote : "The Earth can satisfy our need but not our greed."

The world seems like a small place when you see it from the seat of a touring bicycle. Bringing a long trip down to human scale is the goal of this Cycling Expedition. 

Why travel by bicycle? 
To encounter landscapes, culture and people first-hand at a pace slow enough for real understanding... and to enjoy the satisfaction of self-powered travel and self-reliance, survival skills. In short help to inspire people to take their bike and ride !.

About my Cycling Expedition ?
The goal : To promote "Alternative Transportation" and encorage 'Green guys'. And to have great fun. It is possible to obtain financial freedom and live a more meaningful life knowing you are contributing toward healing the planet. Could our material abundance, education and creativity be harnessed in this new millennium to create an equitable, peaceful and sustainable planet? Come on and give it a try !..

Route : Covering about 1000 KM from Trivandrum (Capital city of Kerala State, India) To Thekkady and back. I am taking a long route that makes it about 1000 KM in all.. This would be to visit most wildlife/forests/Mountains/parks/villages etc on the way.. Some of them are listed here :

Kollam or Quilon [Thenmala eco-tourism destination, Palaruvi Waterfalls]
Kottayam [Wagamon:The trekker’s paradise is situated 60 km. from Kottayam]
Kochi/Ernakulam ['Veega Land' Theme park, main City etc]
Thekkady/Kumily : [Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Peermede, Kurisumala , Ottakathalamedu , Karandakapara Hills, Grampi (Paruthupara), Memala etc].
Munnar [Rajamalai in the Eravikulam National park, Anamudi - Rajamala - Meesapulimala - Top station - Kundala - Devikulam, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary etc]
And some more !!. 

Limitations : This is a 100% self financed activity, So I will have to adjust on very thin budget. Being a one man team, ie; I and my bicycle (I call her 'green runner') alone, I won't get any other support or help during this entire expedition and would mostly be a solitary tour.. I trust 'green runner' and am sure that she will hang on with me.. So I will have to motivate myself during my lows (tough times) in this expedition.. But I expect few or no 'lows' as I always get a great/good experience during most of my cycling activities. It gives a different perspective altogether that one needs to experience..

Date of Expedition : I will start from my home (at Trivandrum) on Jan-4-2002 (about 6 AM).

Duration of Expedition : About 10 days. 

Expedition Team : I and my bicycle (I call her 'green runner').

How to know me ? :
If you see a guy on a green bicycle with a green bag (on carrier) with a small board that caries  a 'green message'. A guy who looks like as if he is starved of food for a month !, Then that's me :-)  If any of you find me on route then at least please do turn back and look twice.. :-)

My Wish : 
Have a great fun and do this with full dedication. 
Face some tough challenges on the way and overcome those with great effort (ie more difficult the better !. That makes a better, satisfied person. and lasting memories). 
To complete what I plan (I always remember this quote "Not to count your chickens before they hatch").. 
To get back home without burning out my butt ! (saddle on my bicycle 
('green runner') is not so good and I didn't get time to fix it.. So I'em keeping my figures crossed !. Hoping not to burn my Arse ..!).

Expedition Message that I carry : 
"Cycling for a Sustainable Future" 
"Alternative Transportation"
Cycle is 'Green'

Please click here to read my experince after the cycling expedition..!

Jimmy George
Adventuror/Green guy !.

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Jimmy George.

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